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I don’t believe in adding on to a house until I have made the best possible use of the existing space. Every house has ‘lost space’ – space that hasn’t been used to its fullest potential. By capturing lost space, I can make every square foot of a house ‘work’ for my clients.


I don't impose my ideas onto a house. I try to see what sense the house makes in its current state. I look at what is working in the design as it is and extend those design aspects to their logical conclusion. In a way, I 'listen' to the house.

I don’t make frivolous decisions. It’s important to me that my clients realize nothing I do in a house is arbitrary. Every decision has to do with the use of the space, the aesthetics of the space, or the sense of order the design needs to create.


Good design is about finding the simplest and most efficient way to make your house work for you, your budget, and your family.


 - Ellyn Amador

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